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Opposite Words List, Antonyms words

Opposite Words List PDF:- Antonyms in English indicate words with Different meanings than the word we use. Questions on this are asked in almost all exams while preparing for competitive exams. For this reason, it is very important to understand the information without just reading it. It is necessary to understand the different types of words in it.

Opposite Words List

Antonyms are words or phrases that have a Different or Opposite meaning as another word or phrase. They are an important part of the English language and can be used to make your writing more interesting and varied and to avoid repeating the same words over and over again.

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Meaning Of Opposite Words List

Antonyms Words List in English:- An Antonyms is a word or phrase that has a Different or Opposite meaning as another word or phrase. Synonyms can be used to make your writing more interesting and varied and to avoid repeating the same words over and over again.

Example:- Ascend X Descend, Captivate X Repel, Consolidate X Weaken, Fabricate X Destroy

Opposite Words In English

Opposite Words In English:- It is difficult for a person to learn the Antonyms of all the words in the English dictionary or the subject is vast. Also, there are many Antonyms that we use in our daily life but some of us may not know the Antonyms of many other words. For your reference, we have created 1500+ Antonyms in this article, read and try to understand some new words with their opposite meanings.

Through this article, you will learn many Antonyms used in English grammar and it will definitely increase your vocabulary especially when you are preparing for the bank exam, SSC exam, UPSC, and other competitive exams where you have to prepare for English subjects. And here you will get important points. will help to get

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Opposite Words In English | Antonyms In English List

Antonyms In English List:- In this list of Antonyms you will get all the Antonyms in this list. Accordingly, you can see the Antonyms of each word. We are going to provide you the list of all these English virudharthi shabd in this PDF as below. You can download it and study it properly.

  1. Abash x Uphold, Discompose
  2. Admonish x Approve, Applaud
  3. Vagrant x Steady, settled
  4. Venom x Antidote, Benevolent
  5. Wary x Heedless, negligent
  6. Abound x Deficient, Destitute
  7. Benevolent x Malevolent, Miserly
  8. Chaste x Sullied, Lustful
  9. Cheap x Dear, unreasonable
  10. Deceit x Veracity, Sincerity
  11. Deliberate x Rash, Sudden
  12. Derogatory x Laudatory, appreciative
  13. Genuine x Spurious
  14. Immense x Puny, Insignificant
  15. Insolvent x Wealthy, solvent
  16. Knotty x Simple, manageable
  17. Luscious x Unsavory, tart
  18. Munificent x Frugal, penurious
  19. Obliging x Mulish, Obstinate
  20. Perturbed x Calm
  21. Frantic x Subdued, gentle
  22. Guile x Honesty, frankness
  23. Hideous x Attractive, alluring
  24. Humble x Proud, Assertive
  25. Imminent x Distant, Receding
  26. Lunacy x Normalcy, sanity
  27. Murky x Bright, shining
  28. Nullify x Confirm, Uphold
  29. Prompt x Slow, Negligent
  30. Remnant x Entire, whole
  31. Sacred x Ungodly, Profane
  32. Servile x Aggressive, Dominant
  33. Waive x Impose, Clamp
  34. Obscure x Prominent
  35. Offensive x Engaging, fascinating
  36. Ominous x Auspicious
  37. Outrage x Praise, favour
  38. Paramount x Trivial, inferior
  39. Quaint x Familiar, usual
  40. Rapidity x Inertia, lanquidity
  41. Remorse x Ruthlessness, obduracy
  42. Ruthless x Compassionate, lenient
  43. Sympathy x Antipathy, Discord
  44. Shabby x Prosperous, thriving
  45. Spry x Lethargic, Sluggish
  46. Superficial x Profound, discerning
  47. Tenacious x Docile, non- resinous
  48. Tame x Wild, untamed
  49. Tranquil x Agitated, Fierce
  50. Urchin x Creep, Knave
  51. Vivacious x Dispirited, Unattractive
  52. Wan x Bright, healthy
  53. Wane x Ameliorate, Rise
  54. Yearn x Content, satisfy
  55. Wicked x Virtuous, Noble
  56. Vivid x Dull, Dim
  57. Vanity x Modesty, Humility
  58. Vicious x Noble, Virtuous
  59. Vigilant x Careless, negligent
  60. Subsequent x Preceding, previous
  61. Substantial x Tenuous, fragile
  62. Sycophant x Devoted, loyal
  63. Scanty x Lavish, multitude
  64. Savage x Polished, Civilized
  65. Raid x Retreat, release
  66. Pamper x Deny, disparage
  67. Prudence x Indiscretion
  68. Pertness x Modesty, diffidence
  69. Pompous x Unpretentious, humble
  70. Rebellious x Submissive, Compliant
  71. Redeem x Conserve lose
  72. Reverence x Disrespect, affront
  73. Steep x Flat, gradual
  74. Slander x Applaud, approve
  75. Squalid x Tidy, Attractive
  76. Subterfuge x Frankness, Openness
  77. Spurious x Genuine, Authentic
  78. Stupor x Sensibility, Consciousness
  79. Tedious x Exhilarating, lively
  80. Trenchant x Feeble, ambiguous
  81. Thick x Thin, attenuated
  82. Tumultuous x Peaceful, harmonious
  83. Umbrage x Sympathy, goodwill
  84. Urge x Abhorrence, Abomination
  85. Retract x Confirm, assert
  86. Wile x Naivety, honor
  87. Virtue x Vice, dishonesty
  88. Utterly x Deficiently, incomplete
  89. Trivial x Significant, veteran
  90. Tranquil x Violent, furious
  91. Terse x Diffuse, Gentle
  92. Stain x Honor, purify
  93. Rustic x Cultured, Refined
  94. Rectify x Falsify, Worsen
  95. Quibble x Unfeigned, plain
  96. Predicament x Resolution, confidence
  97. Peevish x Suave, amiable
  98. Abate x Aggravate
  99. Adamant x Flexible, Soft
  100. Accord x Discord

Antonyms In English List

  1. Abolish x Setup Establish
  2. Alien x Native, Resident
  3. Axiom x Absurdity, Blunder
  4. Quarantine x Befriend, socialize
  5. Progress x Retrogress, worsening
  6. Persuade x Dissuade, halt
  7. Oracular x Lucid, distinct
  8. Obtain x Forfeit
  9. Notion x Reality, Concrete
  10. Mutinous x Submissive, faithful
  11. Modest x Arrogant, pompous
  12. Malice x Goodwill, Kindness
  13. Lavish x Scarce, deficient
  14. Justify x Impute, arraign
  15. Irrepressible x Composed, hesitant
  16. Instill x Eradicate, extract
  17. Insinuate x Conceal, Camouflage
  18. Inevitable x Unlikely, Doubtful
  19. Impute x Exculpate, support
  20. Immunity x Blame, Censure
  21. Honor x Denunciation, Shame
  22. Hapless x Fortunate, Lucky
  23. Fluctuate x Stabilize, resolve
  24. Falter x Persist, Endure
  25. Endeavour x Cease, quit
  26. Eccentric x Natural, Conventional
  27. Despair x Contentment, Hope
  28. Defray x Disclaim, Repudiate
  29. Courtesy x Disdain, Rudeness
  30. Consolidate x Weaken
  31. Comprise x Reject, lack
  32. Classic x Romantic, Unusual
  33. Celebrated x Unknown, Inglorious
  34. Capable x Incompetent, Inept
  35. Calamity x Fortune
  36. Blunt x Keen, Sharp
  37. Bawdy x Decent, Moral
  38. Awkward x Adroit, clever
  39. Amplify x Lessen, Contract
  40. Base x Summit, Noble
  41. Boisterous x Placid, Calm
  42. Callous x Kind, merciful
  43. Captivity x Freedom, Liberty
  44. Clandestine x Open, Legal
  45. Conceit x Modesty
  46. Conspicuous x Concealed, hidden
  47. Decipher x Misinterpret, distort
  48. Dwarf x Huge, Giant
  49. Enormous x Diminutive, negligible
  50. Fanatical x Liberal, Tolerant
  51. Frugality x Lavishness, extravagance
  52. Gracious x Rude, Unforgiving
  53. Haughty x Humble, Submissive
  54. Impediment x Assistant, Concurrence
  55. Infringe x Comply, Concur
  56. Intrinsic x Extraneous, incidental
  57. Just x Unequal, unfair
  58. Lenient x Cruel, severe
  59. Luxuriant x Scanty, meagre
  60. Momentous x Trivial, insignificant
  61. Numerous x Scarce, deficient
  62. Propagate x Suppress, deplete
  63. Ratify x Deny, dissent
  64. Reluctant x anxious, Eager
  65. Saucy x Modest, humble
  66. Startled x Waveringly
  67. Succinct x Lengthy, polite
  68. Thrifty x Extravagant
  69. Treacherous x Forthright, reliable
  70. Vilify x Cherish, Commend
  71. Yield x Resist, protest
  72. Zig -zag x Straight, unbent
  73. Valor x Fear, cowardice
  74. Sneer x Flatter, praise
  75. Solicit x Protest oppose
  76. Sublime x Ridiculous
  77. Taboo x Permit, consent
  78. Timid x Bold, intrepid
  79. Zenith x Nadir, base
  80. Wield x Forgo, avoid
  81. Tyro x Proficient, veteran
  82. Temperate x Boisterous, violent
  83. Shrewd x Simple, imbecile
  84. Remonstrate x Agree, loud
  85. Perverse x Complacent, docile
  86. Opaque x Transparent, bright
  87. Noxious x Healing, profitable
  88. Morbid x Healthy, Cheerful
  89. Masculine x Feminine, meek
  90. Languid x Energetic, spirited
  91. Jubilant x Melancholy, depressing
  92. Intrigue x Candor, Sincerity
  93. Infernal x Heavenly,
  94. Impious x Pious, Devout
  95. Immaculate x Defiled, Tarnished
  96. Harmony x Discord, discord
  97. Glut x Starve, abstain
  98. Fragile x Enduring, Tough
  99. Eradicate x Secure, plant
  100. Eloquence x Halting, Stammering

Opposite Words In English Lists

  1. Dissuade x Insite, Persuade
  2. Decay x Flourish, Progress
  3. Consequence x Origin, Start
  4. Confident x Diffident, cowardly
  5. Comic x Tragic, tragedian
  6. Carnal x Spiritual
  7. Callous x Compassionate, Tender
  8. Bleak x Bright, Cheerful
  9. Barren x Damp, Fertile
  10. Arraign x Exculpate, Pardon
  11. Authentic x Fictitious, unreal
  12. Ascend x Descend, Decline
  13. Absolve x Compel, Accuse
  14. Forsake x Hold, maintain
  15. Ferocious x Gentle, Sympathetic
  16. Fabricate x Destroy, Dismantle
  17. Encumbrance x Incentive, stimulant
  18. Eclipse x Shine, eclipse
  19. Deprive x Restore, Renew
  20. Creation x Destruction
  21. Condemn x Approve, Praise
  22. Compact x Loose, Diffuse
  23. Catholic x Narrow- minded
  24. Calculating x Artless, honest
  25. Bind x Release
  26. Benign x Malignant, Cruel
  27. Batty x Sane
  28. Barrier x Link, Assistance
  29. Allay x Aggravate, Excite
  30. Acrimony x Courtesy, Benevolence
  31. Abortive x Productive
  32. Abject x Commendable, Praiseworthy
  33. Compassion x Cruelty, Barbarity
  34. Censure x Praise, Acceptance
  35. Cement x Disintegrate
  36. Cease x Begin, Originate
  37. Captivate x Repel
  38. Befogged x Clear headed, Uncloud
  39. Barbarous x Civilized
  40. Allure x Repulse Repel
  41. Acumen x Stupidity, Ignorance
  42. Audacity x Mildness, Cowardice
  43. Brittle x Tough, Enduring
  44. Camouflage x Reveal
  45. Chastise x Cheer, encourage
  46. Candid x Evasive
  47. Concede x Deny, reject
  48. Contradict x Approve, Confirm
  49. Denounce x Defend
  50. Disdain x Approve, praise
  51. Epitome x Increment, expansion
  52. Equivocal x Obvious, lucid
  53. Generosity x Stinginess, greed
  54. Gloom x Delight, mirth
  55. Hamper x Promote, facilitate
  56. Heretic x Conformable, religious
  57. Impair x Restore, Revive
  58. Incongruous x Compatible, harmonious
  59. Interesting x Dull, Uninteresting
  60. Jovial x Solemn, morose
  61. Lax x Firm, reliable
  62. Lure x Repel, dissuade
  63. Mollify x Irritate, infuriate
  64. Novice x Veteran, ingenious
  65. Offspring x Ancestor, forefather
  66. Pacify x Irritate, worsen
  67. Peerless x Mediocre, commonplace
  68. Rescind x Delegate, permit
  69. Sterile x Profitable, Potent
  70. Taciturn x Talkative, extrovert
  71. Uncouth x Elegant, Compensate
  72. Vouch x Repudiate, prohibit
  73. Yell x Whisper muted
  74. Zeal x Apathy, lethargy
  75. Zest x Disgust, passive
  76. Mutual x Separate, distinct
  77. Nonchalant x Attentive, considerate
  78. Occult x Intelligible, transparent
  79. Optimist x Pessimist
  80. Precarious x Assured
  81. Reason x Folly, Speculation
  82. Sporadic x Incessant, frequent
  83. System x Chaos, Disorder
  84. Tremble x Steady
  85. Venerable x Unworthy, immature
  86. Wilt x Revive, bloom
  87. Yoke x Liberate, Release
  88. Quell x Exacerbate, agitate
  89. Ravage x Reconstruct, renovate
  90. Resentment x Content, Cheer
  91. Rout x Succumb, withdraw
  92. Stranger x Acquaintance, national
  93. Successful x Destitute, Untoward
  94. Uncouth x Elegant, Compensate
  95. Winsome x Alluring, Rapturous
  96. Wed x Divorce, Separate
  97. Veteran x Novice, tyro
  98. Vain x Modest
  99. Sarcastic x Courteous, gracious
  100. Transient x Lasting, enduring

Antonyms In English List | Opposite Words

  1. Abjure x Approve, Sanction
  2. Adhere x Condemn, disjoin
  3. Adherent x Rival, Adversary
  4. Adjunct x Separated, Subtracted
  5. Adversity x Prosperity, Fortune
  6. Alleviate x Aggravate, Enhance
  7. Baffle x Facilitate, Clarify
  8. Baroque x Plain, unadorned
  9. Bewitching x Repulsive, Repugnant
  10. Bleak x Bright, Pleasant
  11. Bold x Timid
  12. Bustle x Slowness, Quiet
  13. Busy x Idle, Lazy
  14. Calm x Stormy, turbulent
  15. Calumny x Commendation, Praise
  16. Captivate x Disillusion offend
  17. Coarse x Fine, Chaste
  18. Compress x Amplify, Expand
  19. Concord x Discord
  20. Concur x Differ, disagree
  21. Consent x Object Disagree
  22. Consolidate x Separate, Weaken
  23. Contempt x Regard, Praise
  24. Contrary x Similar, Alike
  25. Cunning x Nave, Coarse
  26. Defile x Purify, sanctity
  27. Demolish x Repair, construct
  28. Dense x Sparse, brainy
  29. Deride x Inspire, Encourage
  30. Destructive x Creative, Constructive
  31. Docile x Headstrong, obstinate
  32. Eager x Indifferent, apathetic
  33. Ecstasy x Despair, Calamity
  34. Efface x Retain, Maintain
  35. Fallacy x Veracity, Truth
  36. Feeble x Strong, Robust
  37. Feud x Harmony, fraternity
  38. Frivolous x Solemn, significant
  39. Gather x Disperse, Dissemble
  40. Gloomy x Gay, Bright
  41. Glory x Shame, Disgrace
  42. Gorgeous x Dull, unpretentious
  43. Grisly x Pleasing, attractive
  44. Grudge x Benevolence, Affection
  45. Hamstrung x Strengthen, Encourage
  46. Harass x Assist, comfort
  47. Hasty x Leisurely, Cautious
  48. Hazard x Conviction, security
  49. Humility x Boldness, Pride
  50. Hypocrisy x Sincerity, frankness
  51. Immaculate x Defiled, Tarnished
  52. Immerse x Immerse
  53. Impartial x Prejudiced, Biased
  54. Impenitent x Repentant
  55. Impulsive x Cautious, Deliberate
  56. Inclination x Indifference, Disinclination
  57. Incompetent x Dexterous, Skilled
  58. Indifferent x Partial, Biased
  59. Indigent x Rich, Affluent
  60. Ingenuous x Wily, Craftly
  61. Insipid x Pleasing, appetizing
  62. Insipid x Delicious, luscious
  63. Intricate x Regulated, Orderly
  64. Invective x Approval, acclamation
  65. Invincible x Effeminate, languid
  66. Jaded x Renewed, recreated
  67. Jejune x Interesting, exciting
  68. Judicious x Irrational, foolish
  69. Juvenile x Dotage, antiquated
  70. Keen x Vapid, insipid
  71. Kindred x Unrelated, dissimilar
  72. Knave x Paragon, innocent
  73. Knell x Reconstruction, rediscovery
  74. Liable x Unaccountable, apt to
  75. Liberal x Stingy, malicious
  76. Linger x Hasten, quicken
  77. Lucid x Obscure, hidden
  78. Mandatory x Optional
  79. Merit x Demerit, dishonor
  80. Miraculous x Ordinary, trivial
  81. Mitigate x Augment enhance
  82. Molest x Console, soothe
  83. Monotonous x Varied, pleasant
  84. Niggardly x Generous, profuse
  85. Nimble x Sluggish, languid
  86. Obstinate x Pliable, flexible
  87. Obstruct x Hasten, encourage
  88. Obvious x Obscure, ambiguous
  89. Odious x Engaging, fascinating
  90. Ordain x Revoke abolish
  91. Ornamental x Unseemly, plain
  92. Outbreak x Compliance, subjection
  93. Placid x Turbulent, hostile
  94. Quack x Upright, unfeigned
  95. Subvert x Generate, organize
  96. Tenement x Breakeven, dislodge
  97. Throng x Dispersion, sparsity
  98. Transparent x Opaque

Opposite Words In English PDF Download | Antonyms In English PDF Download

Antonyms English PDF Download:- In this post, we have seen the complete information of Antonyms English in detail. I will help you to prepare for any recruitment or study for any exam. That’s why you can take notes of this post or download its PDF which will be useful for you while studying.

Conclusion For Antonyms English

Conclusion:- In this article, we have seen antonyms, opposite words, opposite words in english, antonyms words, antonyms meaning, antonyms meaning in hindi, opposite meaning, antonyms of, opposite words in hindi, tall opposite word, brave opposite word, always opposite word, little opposite word, love opposite word, antonyms examples, opposite word of beautiful, intelligent antonyms. The use of this article will be useful for all the students appearing for competitive exams. We hope that this English Samanarthi Shabd article has given you the information you need.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions For Antonyms PDF Download

Q1. What is a Antonyms?

Ans:- An Antonyms is a word or phrase that has a Different or Opposite meaning as another word or phrase.

Q2. Why are Antonyms important?

Ans:- Antonyms are important because they can help you to improve your writing and speaking skills. Using Antonyms can make your writing more interesting and varied, and it can also help you to avoid repeating yourself.

Q3. How can I find Antonyms for a word?

Ans:- There are many ways to find synonyms for a word. You can use a dictionary, a thesaurus, or an online search engine. You can also try to think of words that have opposite meanings to the word you are looking for.

Q4. What are some tips for using Antonyms effectively?

Ans:- When using Antonyms, it is important to make sure that the synonym you choose has the Opposite meaning as the word you are replacing. You should also make sure that the Antonyms fit the context of your sentence.

Q5. What is an Antonyms group?

Ans:- An Antonyms group is a group of words that have opposite meanings. For Example :- Ascend= Descend, Captivate=Repel,Consolidate=Weaken,Fabricate=Destroy,.,

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